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Co-op Source Mineral Buckets

The "Best Spec'd" Minerals in the Business
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Co-op Source Hi-Mag

Extremely palatable formulation for better intake of all minerals and vitamins.

Co-op Source Hi-Mag

- Contains high levels of magnesium in a palatable form to support the prevention of Grass Tetany. - contains high levels of trace elements to support fertility.

Co-op Source Pre-Calver

High in all Minerals and Vitamins, also contains protected Copper and Zinc


- High levels of Magnesium to support a reduction in risk of milk fever and metabolic disorders. - Optimum levels of vitamins and minerals and trace elements for a healthy cow and calf.

Co-op Source Sheep

Protected Zinc for enhanced availability to support the reduction of lameness


- High trace element specification. - High in Zinc to support healthy feet and fleece. - High cobalt and B12 to support thrive.

Co-op Source Calf to Beef

High B Vitamins, including B1, to maximise performance on forage & grass


- High level of calcium to support bone development and growth with all non-lactating cattle. - High in Zinc to support healthy feet.

Co-op Source Fertility

Includes protected Copper and Zinc.


- Copper and Zinc supporting fertility and lameness. - Phosphorus which supports reproductive performance, energy metabolism and bone strength.